Beef Fertility

Fertility is the cornerstone of beef herd profitability. The beef calf is the only output from the enterprise, therefore achieving a calf per cow per year is essential.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Our scanning service allows you to detect barren cows at the earliest opportunity. Management decisions can then be taken to decide their fate.

Bull fertility

Bull fertility plays a key part in achieving high outputs from the suckler herd, further information on our pre breeding service can be found here.

Another component of maximising cow fertility is ensuring cows are at optimum body condition score (BCS) at key stages of their production cycle. We can provide a BCS service which can be tied in with other visits.

Nutrition has a huge impact on fertility. Metabolic profiling allows us to ask the cow what she thinks of her ration at an early opportunity, we can then make timely changes if required.

Analysis of fertility records helps us compare herd performance year on year. We have a number of tools at our disposal which can help with this process. A full fertility analysis is carried out as part of our Health Planning service.