The time of year that sees the release of ghouls and goblins can be one of the favourite times of year for children too. However for many pets and pet owners it can be a very stressful and fearful time, as fireworks are associated with Halloween and Guy Fawkes night celebrations. Pets can show varied stress reactions to the noises created by fireworks – they may become withdrawn and hide, soil in the house, and sometimes become destructive or even harm themselves whilst trying to escape from the noise. To help your pet overcome such stresses there are numerous simple approaches you can take which may well make a great difference:

  • Always keep your pet inside when the fireworks are being set off. Therefore it is advisable to walk your dog that bit earlier in the day before the fireworks start.
  • Keep all windows (and curtains), doors and catflaps closed to prevent your pet escaping to the outdoors where the noise will be more intense. A television or radio on if your pet is used to them may help to reduce the noise of the fireworks.
  • Build a den where your pet can find comfort and feel safe, for example with old clothes or blankets....this can allow them to hide if they so wish. Do not try and coax them out of this hiding place, they will come out themselves when the noise subsides.
  • Try and avoid leaving your pet alone during firework sessions as they will find great comfort in your presence. It is also important to remain calm and relaxed yourself and act as normal. Any calm behaviour by your pet should be praised.

Following the simple steps above may greatly aid their tolerance of fireworks. However some pets will need further attention and help during this time. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss many other approaches to ease the stresses associated with fireworks.