It is law in the UK to microchip all dogs before they are 8 weeks old. If not chipped, owners could face up to a £500 fine.

This law applies to both pets and working dogs. If your dog has yet to be chipped, please give us a call to arrange an appointment. Microchipping will give you the assurance that if your pet gets lost or stolen they are more likely to be returned safely to you.

The microchip itself is a coded electronic device which can be read by a special scanner. The code is unique to your animal and is stored on a national database along with your contact details. The microchip is ‘injected’ under your pets skin using a special implanting device, usually between the shoulder blades and causes little more discomfort than a normal vaccination.

With a microchip in place, should your pet be lost, or stolen they can be taken to the nearest local veterinary practice, Local Authority or animal welfare group, where they can be quickly scanned. Once their details have been found they can be safely returned to their owner.

For further information or should you have any queries please give us a call, we will be very happy to discuss microchipping with you.