Routine Visits

The routine visit along with the Health Plan forms the backbone of the farmer - vet partnership.

We have a high proportion of our herds on monthly or fortnightly visits depending on their size.

The fertility visit

  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Check cows not seen bulling
  • Check all fresh calved animals
  • Check and treat those with vaginal discharge

By having a regular visit the numbers of animals that need seen at each visit is more manageable and with clearly defined targets and protocols for each farm, fertility can be significantly improved.

While fertility is usually a significant part of the visit many other issues can be monitored and addressed at the same time.

  • Nutrition of the milking cows
    • body condition scoring
    • blood tests for ketones
    • full metabolic profiles
  • Nutrition of the dry cows
    • Transition rations
  • Lameness
    • Trimming of individual lame cows feet
    • Advice on herd foot bath regimes
  • Calf health
    • Pneumonia management
    • Scour management
    • Colostrum protocols
  • Mastitis and somatic cell counts
    • Analysis of records
    • Supplementary treatment of problem cows going dry
  • Infectious disease advice
    • BVD
    • IBR
    • Johnes

The visit provides regular contact and an opportunity to discuss any issues that may be of concern to the farmer or vet.